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Tom Bulless Fishing Memorial 2018


We fondly remember Tom Bulless as he managed and looked after the Tansterne Fishery for 8 years. Tom was there to help and give advice as well as maintain the fishery.

Unfortunately dates clashed with other competitions and numbers were down this year but we had 17 anglers turn out to fish in very windy conditions. It was a five hour match with first 3 places and a triples competition.

Mike Bassett who was Tom’s best friend and is the new manager of the ponds picked out peg 23 which is one of the favoured pegs in the last 2 months.

Early on Gareth in peg 11 landed a 12lb 14 oz fish followed by an 11lb carp so was into the big fish but there was no escaping the advantage of peg 23 and Mike Bassett weighed in with a new 5 hour record of 223lb and 2oz – second place went to Mike Sinclair with 90lb 7oz and Dean Nicholas in peg 17 had 84lb 4oz for third.

The triples were won by Steve Pulford and Margaret Deeley fishing as a two plus the average weight totalling 148lb 8oz and the triples runners up were Rita and Rod Teale and Jason with 138lb 14oz. the unlucky loser prize went to Gareth with 65lb 06oz.
A small raffle took place and £85 was raised for the Daisy Appeal at Castle Hill Hospital as Tom spent many times there during the last few years of his life.

We would like to thank all that attended and supported the event and will issue a date earlier next year to avoid and clashes with other competitions.




My name is Ron and I met my namesake at Tansterne just over a month ago. I have been fishing for over 60 years and thought I knew what I was doing – casting my rod and line and catching a few fish here and there and happy with my lot.

One day Ron the owner said would I mind if he got out a top two plus number 3 section and help me fish. I didn’t know what he was talking about but as he was the owner I thought give it a go.

I have to tell you I have never looked back – I didn’t know you could catch so many fish and have had weights over 50lb - 60lb -70lb and then on my first go in the canal pond I had 51 carp in one day.

Now they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I am 72 and I have my old dog with me (sniff his name is) and we both know that this is not true as Ron has taught me so much in 4 weeks that I now have a new pole and proper box and even make my own rigs.

On my first visit I went in peg 30 and went to the same peg again and again but Ron said come on give peg 34 a go – Wow what a day big carp smashing me off – this was the peg for me but then Ron said come on give peg 38 in the Canal a go – Wow 51 carp – this was the peg for me but you guessed it Ron said try peg 40

Ron has his able assistant Mike who is also an excellent angler and they both help everyone with a bit of advice on where to fish the peg what baits are working and feeding patterns.

I hope Ron doesn’t mind put I also want to thank Keith at East Coast Tackle who put me on to Tansterne Fishing and has also helped fix me up with all the tackle I need

I cannot speak highly enough of this venue and the people who run it

Ron ( Doncaster Lakeside)


A Day To Remember 21/04/2018         New Match Record   242lb 11oz


There is an open rover knock up every Saturday at Tansterne throughout the summer culminating with a grand final on August Bank Holiday Monday.

Match 2 took place on Saturday the 21st April which is not renowned for big weights – these normally come on several weeks after spawning.

The weather had been very kind and the water temperature had come up 7 degrees to 17C which had some fish spawning earlier than usual but it also had the fish feeding after their winter break and what followed in the match was something unexpected.

In last place with 60lb was Rob Smith next came Mike Sinclair Snr with 86lb 5oz – Steve in peg 1 had won the goat and compass match from the same peg the previous week with 51lb - 7 days later he had 111lb 5oz and was 6th.

Phil Jarvis who co-hosts the event had 125lb10oz in peg 34 and report it slow at times. Chris Fisher in peg 6 had 129lb 10oz. for 4th place.

The previous pond record for a match stood at 197lb 4oz held by Trev McGlaughlin in 2017 but we still had 3 more anglers to weigh in for this Saturday match.

In third place in peg 4 Dean Nicholas had 133lb 2oz and he would normally be very happy with this until he found out that Steve Pulford in peg 23 had 197lb 14oz a new pond record but then you hear it’s just like London Buses nothing then 2 come at once. We went to weigh Trev McGlaughlin in peg 10 who had only had his top to kits out for most of the day and fishing 6ml pellets over 2ml skrettings he weighed in 242lb 11oz.

This is a new pond match record and like the last one I don’t expect it to be broken sometime soon unless you fancy coming along and testing yourself on Tansterne.

Ron Bulless


Frankie and Henry - Anglers of the future

Frankie and Henry fishing at Tansterne FisheryOn Monday the 30th October two young boys turned up with their dad to do a spot of fishing, their names Frankie 7 and Henry 6 and dad Miki. There are not many experienced anglers out fishing this time of the year except those that fish matches and those who have such a love for the sport.

Frankie and Henry are new to the sport so I spent a few hours with them just to give them the opportunity to catch a few fish and they caught a bream, a tench and two mirror carp – so excited that dad booked a lesson for them for the Friday of the same week.

We set up two waggler rods and a bomb line and had number 18 hooks to nylon on 5lb mainline. We fished maggot only but mixed it up from double white – double red – red and white ( best rugby team colours ) and single red or white. It had been a cold night so we didn’t put much feed in – just a pinch of maggots on the catapult every 15-20 minutes.

Those of you experienced anglers will know that the fish begin to shoal up and if you are not on them there is little you can do and this was proven by a match angler in peg 4 who only had 4 fish.

We were down in peg 9 and fishing the deepest water we could find and after 30 minutes we had our first fish – it was only an 8oz perch but it was a fish – then we had 5 good bites and lost them all – the fish were winning. We pressed on and re-baited and cast to a different area and were rewarded with two further perch and then at last a little 2lb mirror carp.

As the day progressed we got a couple more perch then a ghost carp – then we caught a tench with another small mirror carp to follow. We put on fresh maggots and stepped up the feed to see if this would have any effect and that is when Henry’s rod buried. Henry played a mirror carp for over ten minutes ( remember he is only 6 ) and with his brothers help we got it in the net. We put it in the keep net to weigh-in at the end and as time slipped by we only had another perch.

We wet the weigh-sling and retrieved the keep net and weighed in just over 12lb and for a very cold November day everyone was happy but what about the mirror carp – we put the rest of the fish back and weighed the mirror on its own and Henry was delighted – it weighed 5lb 12oz. Frankie had caught the most fish and more types of fish and Henry had the biggest.

It was a pleasure to spend a day with these anglers of the future and their dad – Miki and I am sure they will be back again to catch more and bigger fish.

Ron Bulless


Summer Weekend Opens - Results (2017)


For the first time we ran open matches every Saturday and Sunday with £2 of pools money going into a Grand Final Pool.

Each weekend there was an open rover match and the winner or winner by default qualified for the Grand Final – there was also a stipulation that you had to fish a minimum number of matches to be able to fish the final.

The Grand Final took place on Monday ( Bank Holiday ) 28th August and the anglers had exclusive use of pegs 1-23 and 34-37

The final as a 6 hour affair as had all the qualifying matches and at the final whistle the results were as follows ;-

First peg 4 Trevor McGlaughlin with 131lb 1oz – Trevor had set the new pond record for a 6 hour match with 197lb 5oz out of peg 1 and fittingly ended up with first prize

Second peg 20 Dean Nicholas with 123lb 2oz – Dean had won a number of matches in the peg 9-11 area and was one of the favourites for the final

Third peg 34 Mike Bassett ( manager ) third out of the hat and happy to get peg 34 Mike had 122lb 8oz so was only beaten by 10oz for second place

Fourth peg 1 Phil Jarvis – Phil had not had many cracks at the peg but still managed a worthy 108lb 14oz

Fifth peg 10 Steve Oliver - Steve had a strong wind to contend with and could not fish the shelf which has produced fish all year – he still managed 107lb 4oz

The top five anglers all over the ton

The open rover have been run by Trevor and Phil and will start again next summer – all anglers are welcome – contact Mike for details


Winter Open Rover


Due to the success of the Summer open rover competition we will be running a winter open rover every Saturday and every alternate Sunday.

The reason for every other Sunday is that we also run a Sunday league
( 2 divisions) and these will commence on the 8th October with a trial and rules match on the 1st October

As with the open rover all anglers are welcome with 13 matches over 26 weeks with best 10 scores to count for final league placing's and prize money.

Anyone wishing to fish either event, please call Mike Bassett 07873 336149

There will be qualifying criteria and a Grand Final to fish for as well as pools money every match.

Ron Bulless


July 2017 update

I will be looking to post regular updates on the pond – how it is fishing – what is going on etc

Firstly to quell some rumours – we are not closed – we did close for 2 days when news broke of fish disease at other ponds and oxygen depravation – we did this to assess and protect the fish and we will always put the health of the fish first

Just to show the status of how the pond is fishing, an open match on Sunday the 23rd July produce an average catch of 117 pound per angler

There are open matches every Saturday and Sunday and as long as you fish 5 and qualify by winning or winning be default, you get to fish the grand final on August Bank Holiday Monday when the prize fund will exceed £500 - if you want to fish these matches just turn up before 8.30 for the draw and matches are 9.30 -3.30

Sunday the 30th sees the pond fully booked out for a memorial match for Pete Barker

Already in the pipeline is a Winter Saturday & Sunday qualifier as well as a new Sunday League with 2 divisions – watch out for updates but we think these will be 8.00 draws and 9.00 to 2.30 5 ½ hour matches

Ron Bulless


Rita Finds Her Mojo


August 10th 2016

I wrote on this website some time ago about a fishing lesson I had and this resulted in my best weight ever with 69lb of fish caught.

There is nothing like a fine tune up and Ron offered to give me a little guidance when I came to fish on Wednesday the 10th August it was very calm conditions. I had come prepared with a number of baits but before I could put anything on the hook, Ron approached me on the bank at peg 4.

It is not just Ron but his trusty sidekick Mike who are there always to offer help but on this occasion Ron mentioned that he had been giving a lesson to a novice the day before and he caught 35lb at his first attempt.

Ron said to me if you do as I ask and don’t catch 50lb, I will give you your money back – well I nearly fell off my chair because although very generous with his time, you don’t see Ron giving fishing for free.

Rita he said - I will prep one bait only and you must not use anything else and you only need to fish 2 swims.

By 10.30 in the morning there were plenty of bites and carp in my keep net and even though I had a few quiet moments Ron kept popping out and just suggesting a few minor alterations.

An 8lb 8oz carp and more carp and Ide plus a few barbel and then bream and they kept coming I even had my husband who was 7 pegs down coming to see how I was doing.

The important bit and to the weigh-in I was excited in anticipation of either free fishing or having more than 50lb – Ron breathed easily as I weighed in 57lb in my net plus the lump giving me 65lb 8oz my second best attempt.

I have been fishing for a number of years and I had lost my fishing mojo but due to the kindness and attention to detail of the owner, I feel I am back and confident to go on and do better things

Thanks Ron

Rita Teale


Fishing with Ron


August 9th 2016


I met a lovely man today and his name is also Ron - this chap called me asking if I would give him a lesson as he had recently bought a load of fishing gear but did not know how to go on. We arranged that I would meet him 8.30 in peg 2 in rather blustery conditions.

I decided I would show him the basics which would catch him a few fish and give him the confidence when he is at other venues.

As you are sat together you get chatting and Ron began to tell me about his life in the Air Force and that he met his wife in Germany and how they had been together for 51 years. He also told me how he and his wife Pat had dedicated their lives to their 44 year old autistic daughter which unless we are in a similar position I guess we can never imagine the sacrifices you have to make.

I wanted to make this a day to remember for Ron so we started on a corn line fishing 2 plus 2 on the pole – this method had been working the previous week but we had a very slow start so I made the decision to feed another line on meat and as soon as we switched over we were onto some nice carp.

Our 3 hours stretched beyond this as we were both enjoying ourselves and although windy it was warm and sunny and Ron had travelled all the way from Cleethorpes so I was happy to give him more of my time for free.

Early afternoon and as a shower loomed we decided time to call it a day and have a look at what we caught – Ron was delighted with just under 35lb and his best fish a mirror carp of just under 4lb. After taking a few photos to show his wife and family we stowed the gear away and headed for the office where I showed Ron how to make a basic rig of his own.

I hope to see Ron again and to show him more methods of fishing and some finer points so he can implement these on ponds closer to home but I will always be there on the end of the phone if he needs and tips or help.

Good luck to you Ron and a pleasure to meet you



Triples Fishing - Match May 2016


5 Hour Match Record Broken

On Friday the 13th ( oh dear ) of May 2016 we had anglers turn out for a triples match of 5 hours - fishing 2.30pm - 7.30pm in the evening

The fishery has been building in the size of catches as the weather has warmed up and we have seen the back of the frosts but we did not expect what was to come.

Mike Bassett fishing maggot down the edges in peg 41 drew partners Dean Nicholas, fishing the shallows off peg 23 and Keith Fisher, fishing the inside line in peg 10

They won the triples 5 hour match with a combined weight of 382 lb 8oz

Mike Sinclair senior fishing peg 2 to the island drew partners Steve Pulford, peg 4, fishing on top of the sunken island and Ron Bulless, peg 7, fishing 2 plus 2 towards the under water ridge in peg 6 for a combined weight of 290 lb 12 oz

With 5 weights well over the ton and Mike Bassett setting a new 5 hour match record of 140 lb 4 oz it was truly an amazing day.

There are now ton weights coming out most days and the fish are taking anything with maggot, meat, corn and pellet all in action with the top team in the match

owner Ron Bulless


Tansterne Fishing 2016 Update

Plans have been approved to modernise the fishery but these cannot happen until the power lines are removed and we were promised that this would happen last year but again the utility company let us down.

With many new anglers now coming to the ponds and the fish having grown on and become well established we are investing in new landing nets and keep nets

We have seen Perch approaching 4lb – Ide not far off 3lb and even Barbel pushing close to 3lb – there was already many double figure fish but now the ghost carp in the hundreds are 4-5lb. Bream over 2lb Mirrors over 20lb Common Carp over 16lb and many other species (17 in total ) you just don’t know what you will catch.

As an example the Tansterne fishing leagues fished the pond on a cold early evening match on April the 22nd when the temperature dropped from 11c to 3c and the 20 anglers netted 835lb of fish at an average over 40lb per angler.

We love to see new anglers and are here to help or even give 3 hour lessons if required.

If you want somewhere quiet to come and fish we are the venue for you – any problems please bring them to our attention - we do not allow stalking or unaccompanied youths and bad behaviour and you are asked to leave and not come back

If you want a nice days fishing a coffee and a bacon sarny we are the place for you

Look forward to seeing anglers both new and regulars alike




I arrived early Friday evening and was greeted by Sandra who made me most welcome and showed me to the accommodation – she explained that Ron ( her husband ) and Mike the fisheries manager where actually on the pond fishing a match.

Ron & Mike introduced themselves to me and took me around the pond and discussed pegs for the following day and I opted for peg 4.

Bright and early Saturday morning I was in my peg and ready for a relaxing days fishing when along came Mike with a few tips and alterations to my set up – I can only say the help was invaluable with my best days fishing of my life. It was my intention to come for the weekend and just relax and catch a few fish – I rang to see if Mike and Ron were about as it was closing in on 9.00 in the evening when I packed in for the night but they both came out and even weighed me in and I was delighted to have 45lb of mirror carp – ghost carp – common carp - bream – tench and the odd little perch – there was also the ones I lost that would have added very nicely to the tally.

Sunday and the weather although warm was not as sunny and with the wind changing I opted for peg 34 and although I needed to get away early after, Mike and Ron were on hand for both and advice and to weigh in another 30lb catch.

On the Saturday weather was scorching and Sandra gave me some factor 50 – they really do think of everything. I opted for the self catering package and the facilities were tip top – Mike & Ron did offer to play me at pool but the fishing was that good I stayed on the pond and this may have been a good decision as I think they are both hustlers.

I had a great time and would certainly recommend this fishery.



Guest Comment

Hi to all of you old and young anglers – I have just stayed at Tansterne Fishery and what an enjoyable time I have had.
From a smashing cooked breakfast in the morning to a lovely evening meal after a good days fishing.

I am an elderly gentleman (73) and Ron and Mike made themselves available to get my/their gear to the peg of the day – the weather was not brilliant in fact it was quite rough but with fish on the hook every day and lovely accommodation, it was a very good trip.

The accommodation is spotless – Sandra would not have it any other way and she prepared food especially for me as I am diabetic.

The best reference I can give this place is I loved every minute so much so that I will return in June for another week.

If you ask Ron and Mike for their help they will give you the benefit of over 50 years experience - Ron built the pond from scratch and along with Mike they know how to fish every peg.

Give this place a go you will not be disappointed


Return visit:

I could not keep away – this is my second stay at Tansterne in just a few weeks – I enjoyed the first visit so much and Ron promised more and bigger fish once the weather improved – so here I am again.

It is raining on my first day and Sunday looks poor but the rest of the week looks great – even so I am catching Ide – carp – tench – bream – perch – roach - it is like a lucky dip – you don’t know what you will get next.

I would advise that on a stay you try different pegs as each gives you a different experience – I have fished 1 – 15 - 31 – 35 – 37 - 38 and 48 – so I have been all over the pond and had fish from every peg. Ron has made bait for me every day and both he and Mike have been to see me several times each day – offering a little bit of advice – they also leave you alone if you are happy doing what you like to do.

I can’t leave Sandra out as she has made me a sandwich for lunch and a hot cooked meal each evening – with this and Ron’s breakfast you don’t go hungry.

This is a ten out of ten experience and who knows how soon I will be back again.



More ladies please

29th April 2014

The owner of Tansterne Ponds has allowed me to place this comment on his website and I hope it encourages both lady anglers and O A Ps.

Myself and my husband Rod ( very apt name for an angler ) retired just a few short years ago and decided that we might take up fishing. The coincidence that we visited Tansterne Fishery owned by Ron and run by his Manager Mike has turned out to be an absolute blessing.

These 2 characters and that is a polite phrase for them as they are very cheeky and have a lot to say for themselves and wind each other up constantly – however the time and help they give you is invaluable.

On the above date we turned up early at the ponds and settled into peg 34 for Rod and peg 35 for myself – we had not pre-booked any help but it was a lovely day and I think Ron wanted time out of the office.

Ron stood and eventually brought a chair and sat with me off and on throughout the day – he guided me as to what method to fish and where exactly to fish – he also showed me how to present the bait and this resulted in my best ever day of 69lb – included in this I had a 10lb and a 9lb mirror carp.

The above would make it an exceptional day but that is not the full story – I hooked into what I can only call a beast fishing the margin – this carp came out of the water and totally trashed my rig – Ron was present at the time and tried to help me get more pole out but alas the fish was lost – Ron told me it was at least 16lb if not 20lb which would have been a record for me. If you could count the fish hooked and lost Ron says I would have had over 100lb in the net.

Rod was fishing peg 34 and as I was ahead - Mike came over at lunch time to give him some advice and he changed him to fishing up in the water for the Ide and was hitting a bite every 2 minutes and then he got the carp biting. Mike even sat down and caught 3 fish for Rod which somehow ended up in his keepnet ( Mike did this to wind Ron up ). The end result was Rita 69lb Rod 59lb 08oz and I caught every single one of my fish.

With the help and confidence that these two guys have given us, we have progressed to fishing in their summer leagues and also fishing in the charity matches they hold. The first match I fished I was so nervous about doing the wrong thing or letting someone down as it was a team event but Ron and Mike said it is for fun/charity just enjoy yourself.
if you are a pensioner, we were when we started and we are still learning but these guys make it so easy.

I have written this comment for a number of reasons :-

As a thank you to Ron and Mike for all the help over the years in making it even more enjoyable by becoming better anglers

To encourage lady anglers to a sport where you get all day in the fresh air and meet new friends

To say to those retiring who don’t know what to do – take up fishing – the banter around a pond and the new friends of all ages you make is very worthwhile

For Sandra who has put up with these two characters for 11 years

I hope to meet new faces at Tansterne and if you are there and Ron is being too cheeky, just let his wife know – Sandra is like me – not the tallest of people but Ron knows who the true boss is.

Tight lines everyone


There are some anglers who just want to keep to themselves but these are few and far between – some bring wives or girlfriends who sit and read or sunbathe on the bank – so I would say to any lady thinking of taking up the sport, come and see these guys –

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



We at


wish Ron, Sandra & Mike every success at Tansterne Fishery

For all of your coarse and sea fishing requirements please call in and see us at -


1b Willows Drive. Hornsea, East Yorkshire, HU18 1DA


or call on 01964 535064

We have all the equipment and baits that you require for a successful days fishing – if we don’t have it in stock we are happy to try an arrange an order from the manufacturer for you.



- for the sea Angler
Many fresh and frozen sea baits (Black lug, blow lug, rag worm, yellow tails, etc)

- for the coarse Angler
Maggots, worms, pellets, groundbaits, and many more

Custom Rod Building - registered Sea Angler casting instructor -

Your pleasure is our pleasure, visit us soon for friendly service and advice

Tight Lines


Come and join us

Every other Sunday there is a pairs comp on the fishery - the latest one was Sunday 27th October and the next will be in 2 weeks - you draw for choice of peg and don't know who your partner is until after the weigh-in. With wind speeds of 25-40 mph gusts it was an interesting 5 hours but remarkable for the weights - Mike Basset the manager had top weight of 73lb in peg 20 and ended up partnering Mike Sinclair in peg 21 who had over 35lb - these were closely followed by Keith Fisher in peg 19 with 71lb and his partner in peg 42 Jim Pennington who had 26lb.8oz on the tip. At first it looks like pegs 19-21 had all the fish but these pegs are either side of the bridge and different depths of water. Steve Pulford in peg 35 had over 50lb and Andy Scott in peg 1 pushed 45lb. Anglers reported losing many fish off the hook and several stated that they would have had well over a ton if the wind had not been so awful - not bad for late October - why not come and join us on the next pairs match on Nov 10th - draw 8.30 fish 9.30 to 2.30

Ron (owner)



Having fished many venues and a mix of commercials and rivers, someone put me on to Tansterne fishery - i was not disappointed the two guys know their fishery and give you all the help - what peg what method and what bait is fishing. i won't say that i bagged but the conditions were poor and it was very windy making it difficult to present on the pole - however a 3lb plus perch and a barbel over 2lb as well as a number of ghost carp over 2 1/2 lb made it a very interesting and rewarding day. This is one venue i will return to many more times



A Day To Remember

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

I have fished Tansterne Fishery on many occasions and have found both Ron and Mike to be both very knowledgeable and helpful - without a doubt Mike is the better angler but Ron built the ponds from nothing and knows every under water feature there is.

They are there every day to offer a little bit of guidance and as I became a regular they asked me to fish for them in a team - it was an absolute pleasure to accept and although I enjoyed the day, you realise the level and ability of other anglers on the pond

Not to be disillusioned I have gone back and on the 3rd September I was making my way to one of the pegs I regularly fish when I was approached by Mike who suggested a different peg - once my gear was ready he looked at my rig and made a few slight alterations - what transpired that day was the best days fishing I have ever had.

After 6 hours Ron came to visit me in my peg and asked if I wanted weighing in - my previous best day ticket at this venue was circa 20 lb. - when Ron lifted my net out I knew I was in for something special - 75lb and I still had another 1 1/2 hours to continue fishing

My final weight for a days fishing was just over 105 lb. beating my PB by over 85 lb.

I have to say without these guys guiding you - making suggestions this would not have happened - I still had to catch the fish - play them and get them in the net. Ron and Mike offer encouragement to all who fish at Tansterne and you see them stay with someone until they get a fish.

I thank these guys for their inspiration - help and assistance and giving me the opportunity to have the best days fishing of my life

Danny Allison


June 2013

The fish have finished spawning and regular weights of 60-80 lb are now being caught - many ghost carp and ide with various other species.
All pegs are fishing well and fish have moved up to the top shelf in the canal. The margins in the main pond are seeing plenty of double figure fish on meat.

We have seen a number of anglers turning up with baits not allowed on our pond e.g. hemp - mussels etc - please read the allowable baits rules before attending.

We have had some excellent feedback from new anglers due to the time and effort both Mike and myself have put in - we want you to come and enjoy the fishery and will do everything we can to help you catch.

If there is anything more that would make your experience more pleasurable please do not hesitate to comment.

Ron - owner


 Farewell to a dear friend.

On Tuesday the 23rd April, we heard the sad news that Barry Beaumont had sadly died - many anglers will know him as bomber Barry or big Barry - we knew him as a lovely man always willing to lend a hand and indeed he helped in putting matches together and was always putting his hand in his pocket for charity events

The cry of " try using hydra" or " put a bit a corn on" or more famously "are you getting any Mel" will no longer ring out around the pond

This Friday, 26th April during the singles we were due to celebrate his birthday and along with his friend Mel they had requested that we provide the famous pie and peas at their expense to be enjoyed during the match

Good bye old friend - we will raise a glass in your remembrance.

Ron, Sandra & Mike


11th April 2012

I fish Tansterne fishery several times a week and I can't believe the number of fish been caught - in the last few weeks I have had over 100lb out of peg 37 - over 85lb out of peg 17 over 50lb out of pegs 1 and 2 and 3 even more out of peg 6 - the canal pegs never let me down with numerous days over 50lb and this is in March and April - I can't wait for May onwards

I can't believe the times I go and only a few anglers are on the pond - only last week I was in peg 2 doing pretty well but a chap called Rod was in peg 35 netting 80lb with a biggest fish of 12lb - this chap was there with his wife the previous week in pegs 2 and 3 and both had over 40lb

the help is there if you need it - Ron knows every nook and cranny and Mike Bassett the manager is a very experienced angler who will help beginners or experienced anglers improve the amount they can catch

these guys work tirelessly and it would be great to see more anglers on the ponds

all I can say is give it a go and you won't be disappointed

tight lines

Mike S


Monday 12th July 2011
Tansterne Fishery in East Yorkshire. This fishery boasts 48 pegs on three ponds all full of fish. Barbel, chub, tench, bream, ide, ghost and mirror carp and more . . . a wide variety for all anglers. Although there are some big carp to be caught (see photo gallery) this is a float only venue so you will find it peaceful and quiet with no noisy buzzers or bite alarms going off all the time. The ponds have various shelves and ledges and are of varying depths up to 9ft. I have read on a forum that the pegs are close together, this is not the case on the main pond. The pegs on the Canal pond are fairly close together but you fish this pond from one bank only. Also, although this pond is chock a block with fish, including Barbel, Chub and Carp etc and and ideal for teaching someone or learning to fish, this pond is more of a 'growing on', pond for the fish.

So . . .
We live less than an hour away in Lincolnshire so three, 'Yellowbellies', Steve, Roger and myself decided to give Tansterne Fishery a try. I contacted the owner, Ron Bulless, a very helpful and pleasant guy, a few days beforehand and reserved three pegs for Monday 12th July. We had pegs 4, 5 and 6 on the main pond.
Well, after a week of brilliant sunshine and a heat wave over the weekend the day we decide to go fishing the weather changed. Yep! You guessed it, a typical English summer; dull, overcast and showers nearly all day. This wasn't going to stop three determined anglers.

After a nail biting drive across the Humber Bridge and through Hull (Steve was driving) we arrived at Tansterne Fishery around 8am.

Three guys were already fishing from the end pegs (25 to 27) opposite the island in the main pond nearest the car park. They were fishing floating bread in the margins and were catching carp after carp. One of the guys, Jason, is pictured in the Tansterne Fishery Photo Gallery holding an 11lb carp he caught while we were there.

After a wander round we chose pegs and got set up, Roger peg 4, Steve peg 5 and myself peg 6. Roger was fishing about 3 or 4 rod lengths out next to a sunken island and was into a fish almost straight away (always has been a lucky bloke). I was fishing a couple of rod lengths out around 4 to 5 foot deep with homemade fishmeal past on a size 14 hook. I had to wait around 20 minutes for a bite (the fish were hiding in Steves peg where they knew they were safe). However, the temptation of food proved too much and I was soon into a nice 12oz tench. This was quickly followed by a ghost carp of around a pound, an ide around the same weight and a common carp, skimmer and perch. Steve was still waiting for a bite.

Ron, the owner came round and told us all about the pegs we were fishing, the depths, the underwater contours and methods for catching the fish. As Steve hadn't caught a fish Ron even went as far as to go back to his house and get some Dairy Lea cheese, bait that has been catching lately, and sit with Steve for half an hour showing him where to fish and what depth etc. (Thanks Ron, but I've been trying to teach him for years without success LOL). Steve did eventually started catching.

Tom the fishery manager came and had a word with us and told us how the ponds have been fishing lately and the best baits to use. It says on the notice board that Tom can be grumpy but don't believe it. I found him to be very helpful and an OK guy - a Yorkie - but still an OK guy (only joking Tom). He even brought us complimentary bacon sarnies courtesy of Ron. Very tasty. Thanks.

The day went on with us catching various species of fish regularly and watching Jason and his mates opposite catching the carp. I don't think there was a 10 minute gap where one of them wasn't hooked into and playing a fish!

I found the best bait on the day to be double red and a white maggot. Maggot fished on the hook with a pouch full thrown out every cast. This brought the most bites but then after a while the perch would move in and I had to change back to paste or cheese. No problem though because I still caught and within half an hour the perch had moved out and I was back on maggot.
We fished from around 9.30 till 2ish and even with wandering round the ponds and the terrible weather we had a nice net full of fish - maybe 40 or 50 fish each.

I had a wander round the fishery and found all pegs are level and around a foot or so above the water and good for either pole or waggler fishing. All ponds are perfect for a couple or family to fish and the Canal pond and Car park ponds are especially good for learners.

The main pond is full of fish and the ghost carp of a pound and half (thousands of 'em) and ide around the same weight give a good fight on light tackle. Pleasure bag weights are usually around 50+lb. With the, 'Ton' not uncommon. You do have to empty your nets at least every 5 hours - a good rule for the fishes welfare. Also on a plus note - all keep nets and landing nets are supplied, laid out at all the pegs. No wet nets to take home in your car and wash out later.

In the main pond furthest from the car park (pegs 8 to 20) there is an island in the middle and this is ideal for the pole angler. Tom told me many pole anglers fish this end of the pond tight to the island and bag up.
The fishery is clean and well looked. The fish are healthy and fighting fit and Ron, Tom or Mick will help you anyway they can and answer any questions you have.


The fishery is already very popular for match fishing and also caters for charity matches and I believe that this fishery will become one of the top Fishing venues in Yorkshire.

Would I recommend this fishery? Yes certainly.




We hope to see you soon . . . .


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